Standard Black Kit Plain Paper
Standard Black Kit Plain Paper 001BLK10010

Standard Black Kit Plain Paper

Our most popular corporate kit is the Standard, but compared to our competitors offerings, this kit is anything but standard. Built to last and incorporating our special 1 and 1/4 inch D-Ring, it has a 290 page capacity with every page able to lay flat in the binder for easy care and storage.

Every Standard corporate kit comes with your company name embossed in gold on the outside. This is not a kit that gets put away in a cabinet, but rather is something you can keep on your bookshelf or desk to have handy when needed, but not look out of place. It is a symbol of your success as you grow your business and one you will be proud to use to keep track of all of your corporate documents.

You can choose from multiple colors to best match your brand or office decor and you can count on this high quality binder to last through multiple uses as you keep track of your critical corporate documents.

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